I Have No Kids, So Schools Are Not Improtant- Right?

kids-walking-to-school70Schools are Important to First Time Homebuyers

If you have children and are moving into a new home, one of the things you are often most concerned about are the schools.  You will make it your business to find out about the schools and the school district.  You may even rule out certain homes based on the schools your children would go to.

Often first time homebuyer are young, and have no children.  Or, the first time homebuyers have young children that are not in school yet.   When this is the case, they assume that the  school district is not an important part of the process of locating a home.  This may not be true, especially for the first time home buyers. 

 Statistics say that a first time home buyer will purchase another home within 5 yrs.  So, resale value of the first home will be an important factor.  With this in mind school districts will matter to you whether or not you have children.  Finding out about the school district or districts in the area you are searching can be easy especially if you use local Realtor.   A local Realtor should have the names and contact information for all the school districts in the area that you are searching.  Or, the Realtor may have set up a website just to provide information about schools, like our http://www.FreeSchoolinfo.com

Contacting the school administration or at least looking at their websites will give you valuable information on test scores, school calendars and other vital statistics about the schools.  For example, Wake Count Public School System maintains http://www.WCPSS.net that will tell you everything about the schools .  Frequently, there will be more than one school district and they each will work differently.  For example, in the Triangle, Orange County has its own schools, Durham County has its own schools and Johnston County has its own schools.  So, if you want to live in Cary, check the Wake County schools for that area.

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