First Time Home Buyers Need to Understand All the Details (Watch Video)

Understand All the Details When Buying Your First Home

The unknown is scary.  When you are a first time home buyer, a great deal of  the home buying process is unknown.  So, having a Realtor who will explain everything, then review all the documents in detail removes the “scary factor” from the purchase. 

It is important that the Realtor focus on what is important to the first time home buyer.  You will notice in this interview that Chris focuses on reviewing all of the papers in detail, because that is what made him comfortable.  As a part of his purchase of a Short Sale, his agents had to get the approval of Wells Fargo for a short payoff on the existing loan on the house in record time.  Otherwise, Chris might not have received the tax credit for first time home buyers.  Next, the Realtors had to get the tenant to move out of the home well before the end of the lease.  Finding another property to rent, getting the existing lease terminated took extensive negotiation.  Then, the Realtors even helped the tenant move to meet the time table for the closing.  So, the Realtors took care of all of this without making it seem difficult, making Chris so comfortable that they would take care of everything that he was free to focus on what was important to him: understanding all the materials in detail.  In other words, a good Realtor takes care of everything that needs to be done, then focuses on what is important to the first time home buyer.

Here is Chris’ description of the process:

What is important to you? Be sure to find a Realtor who will focus on what makes you comfortable as well as take care of everything else.

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